Thanks to Alex Korol from Middlemount Pharmacy for sharing with us his experiences when dealing with GFA. We’re delighted to play such an important role in the success of Alex’s business and for assisting with his personal affairs. A specialist service we offer to many Pharmacists and Pharmacy owners.

How long have you worked with Allan and GFA?

If I recall correctly, I have worked with Allan from about 2012-13, so that makes it at least 8 years if not more.

What are the primary services GFA provide for you and your business?

GFA provides a wide scope of accounting and financial services – assisting with BAS and ITR, advising on the most cost and tax-effective ways to run the business, while importantly taking into consideration personal circumstances.

But aside from many usual aspects associated with that line of work, Allan has been extremely valuable to us in securing the current business acquisition at Middlemount. It was his immense experience and calm approach throughout negotiations that have yielded such a positive outcome. I have likewise been involved with Allan in the assessment of some further opportunities.

What specifically do you appreciate about the services Allan and his team provide?

First and foremost the most honest advice and also the upfront identification of potential obstacles and outright hazards based once again on the experience gathered throughout the years, of which I personally and Middlemount Pharmacy as a business turned out to be great beneficiaries. Whenever we encounter an issue, it can be almost immediately looked at, identified, and not only effectively resolved, but in the process of doing so, we are importantly able to develop a set of skills each time.

What would you say to someone considering GFA to help them with their financial requirements?

I would not hesitate to recommend Allan and the GFA. They have an exceptionally professional, efficient and courteous team all round – an absolute pleasure to deal with, and it has been a great privilege to know Allan.