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Written by: / 12 September 2020

Future-proof your family. Below are some thought promoting questions for your peace of mind. For any advice or information fill out the contact form below.

Are you confident all of your debts will not be left for your loved ones to handle in the event of your death?
Are you confident that your Estate proceeds will be protected and end up in the hands of the right people in the correct time frame?
Are your Wills, Powers of Attorney and other key legal documents current, relevant, effective and fair?
Are you confident that your Estate proceeds will be received by your beneficiaries at the right age?
Are your spouse/partner and children absolutely confident that they will be financially secure for life should you die?
Are you confident that your children will maintain the legacy you have left them should your surviving partner remarry?
Is your family guaranteed of having a debt free home protected from outside creditors should you die?
Does your spouse/partner have a totally accurate and detailed list of all your assets and liabilities, life, disability, income and accident insurance policies, including beneficiaries?
If you or your business partner died have you documented and funded the share transfer issues?
Have you prepared a fully documented and funded Estate Letter of Instructions for those you love?
Are you aware of how your superannuation and retirement benefits will be distributed and the amounts that will be available for your beneficiaries?
If you have answered "No" or "Unknown" to any of the above questions please fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.